Our human and technological resources, together with our knowledge, experience and strategic planning, have allowed Fimex to position itself as an industry leader. Over 60% of our production is exported and efficiently distributed to different countries, were it is used by renowned brands in a diverse range of industries. Fimex has a strategic geographic location, resulting in low transportation costs, and reduced response times.
Technology and Equipment

Technology and Equipment

At Fimex, we use state of the art technology and equipment; we work with a refined sand reclamation system, induction furnaces, grinding, polishing, chrome plating equipment, CNC machining, and heat treatments.

We employ sophisticated informatics programs for the design and automated fabrication processes involved, such as (cad/cam), loop systems for mold production and IMF system.
Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We are a company committed to continuous improvement. We have multidisciplinary teams dedicated to increase value rates in our processes. We use six sigma and Lean Manufacturing methodologies which include 5's, Kaizen, VSM, DOE, SPC, among others.

The continuous improvement process allows us to increase productivity and reduce costs while maintaining product quality and safety standards.


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